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    Baskinta Baytouna and Suburbs Organization (منظمة بسكنتا بيتنا و ضواحيها) emerged from the motivation of its inhabitants, who saw unlimited potentials in their village, Baskinta. They invested all the energy and motivation by committing to developing and transforming all existing and berried richness of their village. Through live projects and opportunities, the inhabitants of Baskinta are marching forward towards sustainable development in Baskinta village and the suburbs.

  • Baskinta The Village

    Baskinta ( بسكنتا‎ ) has preserved the traditional aspects of the Lebanese heritage and culture. That can be seen in the tiled red roof houses, and in the old souk‎ at the center of the village that trap inside its walls a nostalgic view of the past. Some of the houses date hundreds of years back, and are still completely intact.

  • Baskinta's Heritage

    Baskinta‎ ( بسكنتا‎ ) is located at the heart of Lebanon, in the Caza of Metn and situated in Mount Lebanon. The population of Baskinta starts from 22,500 inhabitants according to statistics from 2011. Baskinta has a starting altitude of 1250 meters above sea level. It reaches up to 2,628 meters at Baskinta’s highest point, Sannine. Qanat Bekiche , another mountain of Baskinta reaches a high of 1800 meters. The village of Baskinta occupies 5200 hectares of land equal to 52 square kilometers. It is just 43 kilometers from the capital Beirut .



Baskinta ( بسكنتا‎) is a village in the Matn district of Mount Lebanon, Baskinta is inhabited since ancient Phonecians Greeks and Romans.

Finally the village was built by Maronites dating to approximately 800 a.c.

Baskinta still rains with life till this day, holding its history in the ruins and traditional houses…As well Baskinta possess a legacy of poets novelists, with words and figures that formed parts of the Lebanese history and heritage, and reached all nations.

Geographically Baskinta is one of the highest villages of Lebanon, starting from an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level and climes up to appropproximatly 1800 meters of height.

Baskinta is surrounded by mountains, Sannine from the east, Bakish and Marj from the north and Zaarour from the south.

The village of Baskinta occupies the surface of 35 km² squared kilometers and an approximate number of 367078 citizens.

Small Introduction

Baskinta lies at the heart of Lebanon , over the valley and just beneath the mountain, the sun shines behind the summit of Sannine mountain and sleep in Baskinta valley between oak trees and rock beds.

Baskinta is filled with numerous richness having a fertile soil a perfect climate and divers water fountains, not to mention the astonishing views that Baskinta residents are blessed with.

Baskinta climate made it an attraction and a resurrection through all seasons, in winter it pulls all ski and snow fans while in summer the mild climate in itself is a remedy.

The mild climate in Baskinta makes the village a perfect place for agriculture, Baskinta has its own signature when it comes to taste and quality for many fruits like apples cherries grapes and many more.

Baskinta is also rich by the citizens of the village that possess unlimited potentials. The village of Baskinta hold high percentage of educated people, most of them continue their education after graduation.

Review Of Baskinta

Rich in a history full of pride and rebels, High in altitude just like the values the customs and the virtues that Baskinta and the habitant of the village hold, Distinguished in its climate, Outstanding in the astonishing views and Mountains, Superior and unique by agricultural richness and quality, and it carries a story of rebels in a history full of vigor and patriotism……

Baskinta history date back to Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans till the role of being the capital city of Marada.

Baskinta is also rich in the villagers, that hold the highest rates of intellectual levels, that merged into Baskinta literature legacy and History.

Bind all these factors mentioned, and you will find not just a village by the clouds or a rich city in the countryside, with unlimited potentials but a dream nested under the footsteps of a mountain called Sannine, that the clouds can't out pass, and the fog can't out climb…


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